Authored by: Eunice Marie Pantua Prudente

Four generations in the Pantua family have helped establish the distinct flavor and appearance of each product.

Our grandfather, Engr. Ernesto M. Pantua, Sr., whom we call Lolo Teto, dreamt of owning a parcel of land where he can start a farm. He bought the first 12 hectares with the encouragement of our Lola Leoring, Dr. Leonor Pantua in Barangay Kablon, Tupi, South Cotabato. This land planted with the trees Lolo Teto chose were where our parents freely picked and ate fruits to their hearts content. My cousins and I were the first ones to sample the different products developed by our Tito Jun from the farm produce. My nieces and nephews came of age with the same tastes we grew up on.

Gatherings in our family are venues of discussions about ideas for new products and label designs along with recipes for homemade kare-kare and plans for the next family get together. Every new product concoction is subjected to a family taste test. Comments and suggestions for modification are given and considered in the typical banter of a close-knit family. We practice this tradition to this day.

Every Kablon Farms product must bear a stamp of approval from our family. We strive for no less when it comes to our consumer’s satisfaction. Being healthy, after all, need not be a luxury. It is how food is intended to be. This is how our family makes it.